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Home CCTV Systems

Protect Your Home

Protect your home and family with an extensive range of CCTV systems which utilise reliable, hi-tech 24 hour surveillance and recording equipment.

Angle CCTV surveillance systems can be used both inside and outside your home, providing you with complete protection and an excellent deterrent against thieves and vandals. Our CCTV Systems start at just €25 a week.

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Home CCTV Systems - Dome Camera
Home Security

We help you plan your CCTV Systems

We use our extensive security experience to help you plan every aspect of your CCTV systems, from the placement of surveillance cameras and security lighting to the implementation of control and recording equipment. The result is that you can observer your premises and protect it from the threat of break-ins, burglaries and vandalism.

Control your CCTV equipment with ease

Whether it is a traditional analogue closed circuit television system or a digital system using advanced security technology, our experts will advise you on which CCTV systems, monitoring and control equipment is most suitable to your requirements and budget.

Discreet CCTV Systems

With all CCTV cameras, sensitivity to ambient lighting levels are critical for high quality image reproduction. Angle provide a range of cameras from medium to high resolution, which operate effectively in various light levels.

If you’re interested in home CCTV systems and want to explore how you can effectively protect your home and property, please speak to one of our experts today to discuss your options.

Dome CCTV cameras

MACH2 P2P app

The MACH2 P2P app uses the latest P2P connection technology and
software so you can setup your remote monitoring connection without
the need to perform any complicated router setup. Your NVR will have a
unique P2P ID, which you will use to setup up the device on the app.
Add your password for your device and that’s it! You will now have a
constant remote monitoring connection to your CCTV system so you can
check on your property, possessions or persons in the palm of your

Once you have completed the quick and simple setup process, you will
then be able to select and choose the live camera video feeds you wish
to view. As long as there is a strong broadband or 3G/4G mobile data
signal connection you will be able to login into the device from
anywhere in the world. At the same time you can take photo snapshots
of live video footage and store it to your phone for evidence

The other main feature to this app is its ability to playback the
recorded footage on the NVR to your smart phone. Just select the time
and date of the when the footage was recorded and it will play what it
has recorded from that point.

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